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Why use different products when managing communities and events? Using many different products and systems only adds complexity and risk to your community at a high cost!
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Community managers created Kommu, so the whole platform has your interests at heart. However, we know that complexity adds risk, so we have handled all the complexity of managing a community and events by making Kommu a friendly platform for all your community needs.

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Create a simple community that engages its members wherever they are. Kommu allows your community to focus on critical areas like networking, member interaction, content management, and much more.



It does not matter what type of event your community wants to run; Kommu will make it possible from simple RSVP events and meetups to multi-days (in-person, online, or even hybrid). Furthermore, manage your event registration, attendance, and ticket sales all within one platform.


Call of papers

Planning to run an event but want to attract the best speakers and topics? Then, why not run a call for papers to let the best speakers submit the best abstracts to present at your event? Even better, after receiving all submissions, select the best papers and create your event agenda within a few simple steps.

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Upcomings Events

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LAOUC 2023 Community Tour image


LAOUC 2023 Community Tour

The 2023 LAOUC Community tour will be a face-to-face event covering nine different countries (Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina) from July 28th to August 15th, 2023.

  • July 28th,- Colombia
  • July 31st - Costa Rica
  • August 2nd - Panama
  • August 4th - Mexico
  • August 7th - Guatemala
  • August 9th - Chile
  • August 12th - Brazil
  • August 14th - Uruguay
  • August 15th - Agentina

There will be many speakers—Oracle ACEs, Java Champions, prominent Oracle developers, and executives—engaging thousands of Latin American Oracle Users.

Tracks include Database, Java, Cloud Native, Chatbots/Mobile/ Modern Development (as well as HOLs), and APEX. The tracks will be in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Technical subjects include Oracle Autonomous Database, cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, operating systems, data science, microservices, containers, Kubernetes, Oracle Fn Project, and Java.

Looking to seeing you here!

CLOUG Community Day 2023 image


CLOUG Community Day 2023

Este año tendremos el tan esperado primer evento en persona desde el inicio de la pandemia. El evento está siendo organizado por el el grupo de usuarios Oracle de Chile y sera parte del LAOUC Community Tour 2023. Nuestro evento contará con extraordinarios speakers. No te pierdas esta oportunidad única de aprender y compartir con varias celebridades del mundo Oracle en persona. Las charlas se realizarán en la Universidad San Sebastian, sede Bella Vista. en nuestra plataforma podrás comprar su ticket y también inscribirte a cada charla a la que quieras asistir.

Cuando: 09/08/2023

Local: Universidad San Sebastián, Bella Vista

Bellavista 7, Recoleta, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Oracle LAOUC Community Tour Costa Rica image


Oracle LAOUC Community Tour Costa Rica

Oracle LAOUC Community Tour Costa Rica

Este año el Grupo de Usuarios Oracle de Costa Rica trae de vuelta el mejor evento de tecnologías Oracle del país.

Podrás asistir a un día de conferencias y laboratorios con los mejores oradores internacionales y del país y además, para los amantes de Java estaremos realizando dentro del evento el primer Java Day, con un track completo de conferencias dedicadas a Java..

Si te interesan los temas sobre APEX, Machine Learning OCI, Inteligencia Artificial, desarrollo de aplicaciones, seguridad de bases de datos, microservicios, administración de bases de datos y más.

27 conferencias, 2 laboratorios. No te lo podes perder.

APACOUC Community Tour 2023 image


APACOUC Community Tour 2023

Finally, this year we would have the APACOUC Community Tour 2023. back as a face-to-face event. This year, the community tour would be having the following events:

  • Korea, Seul - Oct 31 
  • Japan, Tokyo - Nov 3
  • Indonesia, Jakarta - Nov 6
  • Singapore - Nov 8
  • New Zealand - Nov 10
  • Australia, Perth - Nov 13
  • Australia, Melbourne - Nov 15
  • Australia, Sydney - Nov 17

Do you want to talk? Please submit your abstract today as part of our CFP (Call for Papers) which is now open until August 30, 2023 (Midnight, AEST).


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